Monday, July 24, 2017

Koru and Kowhaiwhai Patterns

On Term 2 Te Ngahere, Te Maunga and some students family members did some koru and kowhaiwhai art. We drew koru and kowhaiwhai patterns to represent our whanau and hang on the wall of our school Whare. Firstly, we practised on a scrap piece of paper with a crayon. Then we showed our teachers. This time, we had to draw some Koru and Kowhaiwhai patterns on a good piece of paper with a pencil. On our good piece of paper, we had to make sure our koru were the symmetrical. After our good piece of paper, we had to draw super good koru and kowhaiwhai pattern to represent our family. We used pencil first and after we showed the teacher it was good to go. Next step was to paint over and after the paint had dried, we had to outline the koru and kowhaiwhai with a vivid. We learnt how to draw koru and kowhaiwhai patterns.

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