Thursday, June 7, 2018

Inquiry about Te Ngahere (The Bush)

For about 2 weeks Te Ngahere have been researching endemic and native birds from around New Zealand. We had to buddy up with someone who was in our literacy groups so I buddied up with Missy. Missy and I chose the Karearea (New Zealand falcon) to study about. We learnt about how it caught its prey and watched videos of it soaring through the air. We didn’t have that much information so next time my goal will be to have more info. I also think we did well with our presentation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Explanation writing

Since term 1, Te Ngahere have been working on our explanation
writing about healthy ecosystems. Our learning intention was
was to use the correct structure for a explanation. We had to
write about a marine healthy ecosystem. We had to list what
an healthy ecosystem needed and what it already had for
example, a healthy ecosystem needs a producer, decomposer,
consumer and inorganic matter (non living things). I enjoyed
writing it because all I had to do is think of what I am going
to write and then write it down. I think I did good because
writing was correct. Next time I need to finish my writing quicker.
Here is my writing.

😕How to explain a healthy ecosystem😕

What is a healthy ecosystem?
A healthy ecosystem is an environment for both living and non living things. A healthy ecosystem needs decomposers, producers, consumers and inorganic matter, all these help build up a healthy ecosystem.  

Some decomposers are fungi and bacteria, These eat non living things. Snapper, starfish and sharks are all consumers, Most consumers eat producers and decomposers. Some consumers eat other consumers like sharks. Producers are trees, algae and kelp, these produce energy .Inorganic matter are things that are not alive like water, air, sun, soil, shells and metal.

Inorganic matter are things that aren’t alive but they have important jobs like hiding creatures and good places for creature to live. Organic matter are creatures that can be consumers, producers and decomposers.

Ecosystems are fragile and if an ecosystem becomes unbalanced the food chain can also change and everything will be out of balance.  For example, if there were no producers in any ecosystems the consumers won’t have anything to eat and then the consumers will die. Then the only things that will be standing will be  inorganic matter.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Kaitiakitanga o te moana

For 2 weeks in Te Ngahere we have been working on something called ‘Kaitiakitanga o te Moana’. Our Learning intention was to make connections between what we viewed and what we read. I enjoyed watching the videos and typing up the words that are key information. We had to type some questions that we would want to ask google. After our presentation was finished we had to make another presentation from any app to show what we were learning.I did a google slide.

Friday, May 4, 2018


In term 1 we had been working on our animation about either food chains or healthy ecosystems. I made my animation about a food chain for cows. Next time I think I could use more alliteration. I think we did good because we put our own sound effects in our video.
Here is my animation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Reitu is...

Yesterday in Te Ngahere, we were writing poems about ourselves.We were not allowed to use because and I am. We had to write five lines that describe ourselves in metaphors. Our WALT was to use metaphors. I think I did well in using metaphors. I enjoyed making my poem. I think I should think of more things that describe myself next time.

This is my first draft.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My visual Pepeha

2 weeks ago in Te Ngahere, we worked on our visual Pepeha. Our learning intention was to ‘Understand the Tikanga behind our Pepeha’. Our visual Pepeha had to be a presentation that showed ourselfs. I enjoyed making mine because I added images, music and backgrounds to it. Next time I would need to add my whanau in it to make it my best work. I hope you enjoy my visual Peheha.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Persuasive Writing

2 weeks ago in Te Ngahere we were writing a persuasive piece of writing. Our WALT was to Use the correct structure for Persuasive writing. I finished my first persuasive writing about ‘Should we use plastic bags in supermarkets’.

Here is my persuasive writing below.

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